Spoken incense: poetry like the heady, purifying rush of sage


I love poetry read aloud. The vibration of spoken word to ear, making its way to heart, is a transfusion of collective soul straight to the personal.  So come hear me read sometime. If it's an open mike, bring something of yours. I'd love to hear it.

In the meantime, browse the website. I try to plop a poem into the blog every once in a while. The recorded poems are mostly from my books, so you can see what you might get when you shell out the bucks to buy one. Please do!

2018 news: I've been playing around with fiction! Three short stories in 2018 accepted for publication: "Drinking Tea with the Priest" in The Ignatian Literary Magazine vol 30, spring 2018; "The Animal Magnetist" in Pennsylvania English, vol 39.2, spring 2018, and after the first of 2019, "Last Run on the Colorado" will appear in Good Works Review 2018.