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City? What City?

Posted by Mary Natwick on Monday, November 26, 2012, In : Nature 
I've been fretting, honestly, with this move to the city. I discovered that my roots in Ojai went deeper than I thought. I was sorely missing my early mornings, sitting outside in all the kinds of weather that southern California can provide--blue skies, often; morning fog, often; rain and frost, though never at the same time. I was missing my dark-eyed junco and the towhees, the oak titmouse that would scold me from the branch overhead every single morning. The squirrel making his predictabl...
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Moving to the City

Posted by Mary Natwick on Tuesday, June 26, 2012, In : Nature 
Wow. After living in a small town for 19 years, we've said goodbye to our juncos and towhees and moved to City. House-hunting has been interesting. Not just getting used to postage-sized lots, but postage-sized lots in which structures are maximized and dirt is anathema. Open space is paved for patios, or extra car parking, or just because concrete is easy to care for.

Where does the rain go? How can the birds possibly hear themselves over the roar of traffic?

I wrote a poem:

he has a repetoire...
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Posted by Mary Natwick on Friday, April 8, 2011, In : Nature 
A few weeks ago I noticed some serious edginess and disconnectedness when I was writing my morning pages. So first I wrote a poem:

the way the tongue
trips in fluttery stops
and starts

the way the eyes scan a room

the off-balance stumble when
hugging someone

why let it be so?

sit by that stream you know
set the boxes of unusable clutter
into the current
and give them a push goodbye

then roll into the shallows and
face your upstream birthplace
the water scours you clean
it floods you--
with your own s...
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