I've been fretting, honestly, with this move to the city. I discovered that my roots in Ojai went deeper than I thought. I was sorely missing my early mornings, sitting outside in all the kinds of weather that southern California can provide--blue skies, often; morning fog, often; rain and frost, though never at the same time. I was missing my dark-eyed junco and the towhees, the oak titmouse that would scold me from the branch overhead every single morning. The squirrel making his predictable morning round, the occasional rabbit.

In the first 24 hours our new house in the city, we saw a grey fox, four deer, and one bear. Yesterday morning we spent an enjoyable 45 minutes watching the bear, in the yard next door, treed by a small dog. The dog would back off, the bear would climb down to a fork 6' off the ground, the dog would charge back barking, the bear would hightail it back up to 20', as if the dog might leap up and follow. There was a funny bit when the bear finally came down, ran to another tree and hid behind it, cowering, and circling the tree to keep it between the dog and himself.Then he broke for the fence, the dog at his heels. The dog ran just slowly enough not to catch up to the bear.

Birds spotted here that I did not see in my Ojai backyard: American kestrel, Northern flickers, black phoebe.

Who would have thought I'd have so much more wildlife by moving to the city? I am feeling blessed by this house and yard. And struck, again, by how little I know. Why was I fretting, again?