Wow. After living in a small town for 19 years, we've said goodbye to our juncos and towhees and moved to City. House-hunting has been interesting. Not just getting used to postage-sized lots, but postage-sized lots in which structures are maximized and dirt is anathema. Open space is paved for patios, or extra car parking, or just because concrete is easy to care for.

Where does the rain go? How can the birds possibly hear themselves over the roar of traffic?

I wrote a poem:

he has a repetoire
five of these, three
of those
car alarms and
cell phone rings
clever  mocking

We found a house we like well enough. The backyard is a pool with cement all around, and a concrete wall around that. Behind the pool, against the back fence, is an enormous barn-ish structure that may once have been a three or four car garage. You can't drive a car into it any more; the pool is in the way. Apparently this structure enhances the value of the house because of the additional square footage. Hmm. We can cover the concrete walls with plants and cover the cement with huge potted trees. Maybe we'll tear down part of the building and plant a garden.

The rest of the house is full of stories and possibilities. Built in 1924. Homey; comforting. A place from which to start an adventure. Wish us well!