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waking a lover

$ 12 USD

The new book is here! Poems of nature, spirit, and the heart. No insipid poems, these. Get ready to meet a river god, make tea atop Mount Everest, and find out what Shakespeare's Hippolyta truly thinks of Theseus.

78 pp, softcover.


Iron Pot

$ 12 USD

Poems of the inner world (the brew within the pot), daily life (the flame), and grief (smoke in the fire).

Make rhubarb sauce with Maili, spin in a wild dervish dance to throw paint to the edges of your soul, and explore ways of conducting a grief ritual.

78pp, soft cover


waking a lover artwork

$ 50 USD

Want a print of Rich Brimer's gorgeous artwork? Here's the alert dark-eyed junco that graces the cover of waking a lover.

Matted. 12" x12".


Iron Pot artwork

$ 50 USD

Here's Rich Brimer's artwork for the cover of Iron Pot. Hang it over your desk for inspiration. What can you brew up today?

Matted. 12" x12"